Monday 25 April 2016

Malai laddu


condensed milk                 100 gm
paneer (cottage cheese) 250 gm.
yellow colour
Cardamom                           4-5


1. Paneer ko achchi tarah mash karen.

2. Usme condensed milk daal kar slow and high flame par chalate hue pakayen.

3. Jab thick ho jaye aur ghee alag hone lage to flame off kar de. Cardamom pees kar usme mila len.

4. Jab thanda ho jaye to iske laddoo bana len. Aur kishmiah se saja de. Yammy malai laddo taiyyar...:-)

Mash paneer veary well.

2.Add condensed milk and colour, cook on slow flame, stirring continuously.

Cook till thick and sides leave. Add cardamom powder and remove from flame.Mix well.

7.Cool. Make ladoos.

Decorate and serve with smile :-)


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