Saturday 21 November 2015

Aaloo gosht


Motton                          250 gm
Chopped Onion           2 medium
Bayleaf                          1
Green cardamom        2
Black cardamom         1
Cloves                           2
Cinnamon stick           1
Garlic paste                  1 tbsp
Curd                               2 to 3 tbsp

For the gravy :

Onion                         1 medium (for paste)
Ginger-garlic paste  1 tbsp
Garam masala
powder                      1 tsp
Coriander powder    1 tsp
Potatoes                    2
Salt to taste


1.Peel, wash and cut the potatoes in
cubes. Fry them and keep aside.

2. Wash mutton and set aside. Heat oil in
a cooker. Add onion and whole spices,
saute till onion changes colour.

3. Add mutton pieces, garlic paste and
salt, roast it very well. Now add curd and
stir continuously.

4. Make a paste of onion. Add in cooker.
Add ginger-garlic paste, garam masala
powder, coriander powder and fry till oil
separate from the masala.

5. Now add fried potatoes and some water, cover the lid, cook about 5  minutes over medium flame. Serve hot with chapaties or rice.


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