Friday 16 May 2014

Kachche Aam Ki Chatni



Raw Mangoes 2 large peeled and cubed
Water 1 Cup
Jaggery (Gud) 1/4 Cup
Sambar Powder 1/2 tblspn
Red chilli powder 1tspn
Salt to taste
For Tempering:
Oil 1 tblspn
Onion 2-3 slices
Green chilli 1-2
Mustard Seeds 1tspn
Fenugreek Seeds 1/2 tspn
Cumin seed 1/2 tspn
Salt to taste


  1. Take mangoes in a kadai. Add water and cover the kadai. Leave it to cook for 15 to 20 mins.
  2. When the mangoes are fully cooked mash the mangoes well.
  3. Add in jaggery and mix well. Cook till it is all dissolved and melted.
  4. Add salt and sambar powder in it mix well and cook for 5 to 6 mins. 
  5. Heat some oil in a small pan.Add onion mustard seeds,fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds, When the seeds begin to crackle,add green chilli saut for a min .remove and pour over the chatni. Serve with parathas. 


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